Open position 2: modelling postdoc “soil processes”


Job description: Postdoctoral fellowship in modeling phosphorus soil

We are looking for a motivated post doc fellow interested in soil biogeochemistry and land
surface modeling to join our team at LSCE. The increase of atmospheric CO2 and climate change, associated to regional increases in nitrogen (N) and phosphorous (P) deposition induce a modification of the soil microbial and fungi activities impacting the mineralization of nutrients (N, P) and the stability of soil organic carbon. The post doc will combine two recent developments incorporated in the process-based ecosystem model ORCHIDEE: (a) the explicit representation of phosphorus and nitrogen cycles and their interactions with the environment and (b) a new soil carbon decomposition module including vertical and lateral transport and priming effects. The post doc will incorporate mechanisms related to microbial and fungi impacts on the stoichiometry of mineralization products, and inorganic N and P diffusion in the soil in relation to plant uptake.

The model will be evaluated at sites with long term N and P additions experiments collected in the IMBLANCE-P project, to quantify the importance of limitations from phosphorous
mineralization and diffusion in soil to support primary production and the role of priming in the mineralization and plant uptake of N and P under additional N and P input, elevated atmospheric CO2 and warming. Candidates should hold a PhD in ecology, soil science, Earth System Modeling or environmental.

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Models I work with

GEM-CO2: Empirical model of chemical weathering and associated phosphorus release. for more information

JSBACH: land surface model of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology  (MPI) earth system model. The main version of JSBACH uses now the YASSO decomposition model. A nitrogen version of JSBACH-YASSO is in testing phase. for more information

NCIM: model of  global cycles of carbon and nitrogen. for more information

ORCHIDEE: land surface model of the Institut Pierre Simon Laplace  (IPSL) earth system model.  The implementation of the nitrogen and phosphorus cycles is ongoing.for more information

YASSO: model of litter and soil organic matter decomposition based on  measurements of litter decomposition and soil organic carbon worldwide. It was recently set as the default decomposition model in JSBACH. A nitrogen version of JSBACH-YASSO is in testing phase.  for more information