Projects dedicated to nutrient cycles


The Amazon Fertilisation Experiment (AFEX):  The Amazon Fertilization Experiment (AFEX) is a large-scale soil nutrient manipulation study to examine how nutrient availability affects carbon cycling in tropical forests. The project is funded by the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). The AFEX field site is located near Manaus, Amazonas in Brazil.

lead by Patrick Meir

Ecosystem Nutrition: Forest Strategies for limited Phosphorus Resources (SPP 1685): In the first three-year phase of funding the projects focus on testing the overall hypothesis that phosphorous depletion of soils turns forest ecosystems from P-acquiring systems (efficient mobilisation of P from primary and secondary minerals) into P-recycling systems (highly efficient cycling of P).

lead by Friederike Lang

Quantifying the responses of ecosystems and society in a world increasingly rich in nitrogen and carbon but limited in phosphorus (IMBALANCE-P): The project addresses the Earth System management challenge of the elemental imbalance by providing improved understanding and quantitative foresight needed to formulate a range of policy options that will contain the risks and mitigate the consequences of stoichiometric imbalances.

lead by Philippe Ciais, Ivan Janssens, Michael Obersteiner, and Josep Peñuelas

Quantifying the effects of interacting nutrient cycles on terrestrial biosphere dynamics and their climate feedbacks (QUINCY): QUINCY will create a novel, predictive framework founded on the principle of resource optimisation, shifting the paradigm of terrestrial biosphere modelling towards an active biological control of matter flows.

lead by Soenke Zaehle

European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform: Sustainable management of Phosphorus is crucial for agriculture, food, industry, water and the environment. ESPP brings together companies and stakeholders to address the Phosphorus Challenge and its opportunities


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